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So, as noted in my previous post, I do 24-hour network operations support for probably the largest imagery-supplying company in the world. I sit in a NOC from 9pm to 7am four days a week staring at monitoring software ready to roust people out of bed if anything breaks.

Last week, having just started this job a couple of months ago, I had my first solo night. (Well, solo half-night; somebody else came in partway through. But I was on my own for about four and a half hours.) It was the perfect time for the situation I had to describe in a love note for the Back Office team:

Strongly worded message follows. )

So yeah. You want to talk about pucker factor and convulsive shits? I didn't have to call anybody in to help on my first solo shift, but largely only because there was nothing anybody else could have done either. It was a frantic, stressful half hour or so -- increasing numbers of alerts on the big monitors at the front of the room, and zero capability to even check the details from my workstation.

Anyone else have delightful stories to tell about being shot in the face by their own IT department?
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Our web developer, who tries to be funny and isn't, sent an email this morning with the subject line 'The website is down'. The content of the email was a single URL: http://thewebsiteisdown.blip.tv/#1021362.
Not funny.
My minion wants to send a reply saying simply "Website restored. Some content may be lost." He's a good minion :)
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Okay, I get that it's -30 outside and all, and the heaters in this new building don't work worth a damn, but if all of you bastards bring space heaters, it will blow the goddamn breakers, and you know what? I'm not going to fix it. If you don't have power in your office because you couldn't be bothered to buy a fucking sweater, do not bother crying to me. And if your cube neighbor blows the circuit you share? Take it up with her, not me. I DON'T CARE THAT YOU'RE COLD. LONG UNDERWEAR. IT IS CHEAP. INVEST. Seriously, how long have you lived in Montana? Oh, you're a proud native, are you? HOW ARE YOU NOT USED TO THIS BY NOW?

And before anyone else asks, no, I can't adjust the thermostats. Last time I did that, I got yelled at because, despite being in charge of building security and maintenance, I am apparently not authorized to adjust the heat. Look, the people in charge won't even fix the A/C in the server room, what makes you think they'll fix any of the other climate systems? Ask your secret santa for heated USB gloves if it bothers you that much.

Oh good, now there's that nice, happy burning smell in the air. Maybe I should print out some fire escape route posters before I go to lunch and don't come back.


Sep. 12th, 2008 03:08 pm
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Remember this from a few weeks ago?

The same professor is at it again. Now she wants to know why proposals that she's seen submitted in her yahoo group haven't been showing up on the website I made for her.

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Today I got an email from our web services manager. She does a tiny bit of development, but she isn't technically savvy at all. We contract out most of our development, and I do 99.9% of the back-end administration.

Her email said:

"Hey, $sysadmin,
Do you know if http://www.totallynewsite.com is set up?"

This would, of course, be the first time I ever heard of www.totallynewsite.com. Nevermind that we need to set up its dev- site, find a home for it on a server, and set up the back-end login part.

Not the first time she's done this, but by the combined power of every evil, mean, and spiteful god there has ever been, it's going to be the last.
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One minor issue is that the "fields" (corresponding to the columns of the Excel file) are slightly different from what we provided yesterday, so the website will need to be changed slightly to match what is contained here. I imagine this is easy to fix.

Don't know why I bothered - I spent quite a lot of the day today changing the db and the web pages to the fields they'd provided yesterday.

Then, following that, is: The slightly more complicated issue is that each entry (article) is often recorded in multiple rows of the spreadsheet.



Dec. 3rd, 2007 12:16 pm
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Me: Ok what we want to do is restart the computer.
Them: But it's already running.
Me: Yes, we want to reset the computer by restarting it.
Them: But it's already running and I'm logged in.
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