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So, I work helping folks with email ,webhotells and domains.

Client comes in with a simple "can I get a password for account x?".

Sure thing says I, I randomgenerate one, drop it into email and off to the client it goes.

Client tries, tells me "Nope, fails"

I try it, works perfectly.
So I search through logs and see  "Oh silly client, you put a lowercase u instead of an uppercase U in there!"

So I take the password and paste it into a new email in outlook , I press enter and THEN I notice that helpfull outlook

t68BUeRw    to

with autocomplete.


No wonder my client is confused. 

So a big thank you Microsoft, thank you for wasting my time with a FUCKED up shit for brains autocomplete! 

Time to turn all spellcheck and shit off I suppose.

Can I start drinking now?
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A few weeks back now, I had a client call me in a desperate panic. (I do computer consulting on the side.) She was trying to scan a check to send to her bank and was having problems getting the scanner to work.

Why did she need to scan a check, you ask?

Because this relatively tech-and-RL-savvy 70-year-old woman fell victim to a cyberscam.

Yes, one of those "I'll send you a check for $N amount and you can keep half/quarter/three-quarters" scams. And the bank wanted to see a copy of the check.

I didn't have time to get into the whole "HOW DUMB ARE YOU THAT YOU FELL FOR THIS?" with her on the cell phone. She put her older son on the phone and I tried, while commuting home (husband was driving) to help him figure out why he could scan the check and not save it. I wasn't able to help, but promised if they would call me later, I would try and connect to her MacBookPro via my husband's MacBookPro and go through iChat to control her computer and figure out what they were missing with saving the scan.

I never actually heard back from them that day, or all weekend. A week later, I got an email from her saying that they had figured it out, and asking about another issue.

I don't know what I'm going to say to her once she needs me consulting her in person again. Part of me wants to ask her how she fell for this (I'm HOPING that it was a subtle scam, and not the ones I still get in my spam mailbox), part of me wants to grab her and shake her and say DID YOU EVEN TALK TO YOUR HUSBAND ABOUT THIS?, and part of me wants to just throw my hands up in the air and give up on her.

So if you ever think, "Why do they keep sending out these emails? Doesn't everyone know by now that they're scams?", now you can say you have heard of someone who fell for one, and fell recently. So yes, that's why we still get them. They still manage to hook in a few suckers.
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So, as noted in my previous post, I do 24-hour network operations support for probably the largest imagery-supplying company in the world. I sit in a NOC from 9pm to 7am four days a week staring at monitoring software ready to roust people out of bed if anything breaks.

Last week, having just started this job a couple of months ago, I had my first solo night. (Well, solo half-night; somebody else came in partway through. But I was on my own for about four and a half hours.) It was the perfect time for the situation I had to describe in a love note for the Back Office team:

Strongly worded message follows. )

So yeah. You want to talk about pucker factor and convulsive shits? I didn't have to call anybody in to help on my first solo shift, but largely only because there was nothing anybody else could have done either. It was a frantic, stressful half hour or so -- increasing numbers of alerts on the big monitors at the front of the room, and zero capability to even check the details from my workstation.

Anyone else have delightful stories to tell about being shot in the face by their own IT department?
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I was in my roomate's car the other day and he had the radio on to a talk station which was broadcasting some tech program.  An older-sounding woman called in complaining that she was having trouble with her e-mail and I immediately knew this was going to end in lulz.

Host:  "Are you using Outlook?"

Caller:  "No, it comes up as Windows"
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Back from a week in the sun and straight back into the stupidity.  Oh man, it burns.

Fool #1.

Me, via email:  "I will come up later to do the work whilst you're in your meeting; can you make sure you log off of the machine so that I can log in with admin rights to make the changes."
User, visiting me later on way to meeting: "Hi, I've left my computer locked for you."
Me: Um, ok... have you logged off?"
User: "Logged off?  No, I'm logged in... is that a problem?"
Me:  "I asked you to log off, as I need to do the work logged in myself."
User: "Oh, I didn't realise you meant I should log off."


Fool #2:
(Problem:  Machine keeps spontaneously rebooting; suspected problem with the DIMM slots)

Me, verbally AND on phone: "I am going to ring Dell to arrange for an engineer to come out and replace your motherboard tomorrow, or later in the week.  In the meantime, I suggest you use a different machine, as yours is clearly not working properly."
User:  "Ok, thank you."

Twenty minutes later...

User on phone: "Hello, it's me.  It's just done it again!!eleventy!"
Me:  "Yes... it will keep doing it, because it's broken, and we haven't had it fixed yet..."
User: "Oh, it'll keep doing it?"


I need another holiday...
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This is why I hate having to be on the customer side of a help desk transaction.

I have a little HP all in one printer at home.  I bought it last November, it never seemed to work properly but I didn't ask much of it so I wasn't too concerned.  Then it stopped working all together.  Computer couldn't find it with the USB cable or on the wireless network.  I check the power cable and sure enough, there is what looks like a tear in it - don't know how it happened but it definitely won't work properly with this.

OK, pack it up and off to [insert name of store with big yellow logo here].  I have a service contract on it which is supposed to entitle me to a replacement, no questions asked.  That's why I paid the extra money.  So the guy on Team Nerd takes a look at the printer and the power cable and says he has to ship it back to HP and it will take 2 weeks.  Ok, fine.  2 weeks goes by and I get a call from the store to come pick up my printer - all is well.  I go to the store last night and the new guy on Team Nerd finds my printer (after wandering around looking for about 15 minutes).  He tells me that I've won the equivalent of the lottery because HP granted me a brand new printer, which didn't make sense because I told them all I needed was a power cable but hey, what the heck.  I'll take a ew one.  So I check it over and - are you ready for it?  You know what's coming, don't you?


I politely express my incredulity and my frustration at this and the guy tells me that they will have to order one from HP and it will take - guess what - 2 weeks.  No, it won't I calmly state.  You still sell this printer - go and get one from the shelf and give me the power cord.  O, they won't let me do that!  They will if I yell loudly enough.

5 minutes later I walked out with my new printer and my new power cord.

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On PostSecret this past Sunday, there was a secret which read, "I use cuss words for passwords so I can embarrass tech support when I call for help."

There are a few things wrong with this picture.
  1. WHY would they be embarrassed by your password?
  2. Using cuss words makes you look stupid.
  3. What tech support are you calling that asks for your password?
IMO, if you're calling a tech support line that asks for your password, then they should be embarrassed.  But not because of your choice of passwords...
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I just glanced through a service ticket where the issue was:

"I have a rejection on this stating that 'No decimals in qty field allowed'. What field is this referring to?"

Uh....how about the quantity field, jackass?? (Which, btw, shows up on the GUI as "qty" amazingly enough.)


X-posted to my own journal
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I was at my dentist's office yesterday, relaxing in the massage chair waiting for the dentist, when I heard the following conversation from down the hall.

Dental employee 1: Hey, what's the password for the patient program?
DE2: I think it's 'jennifer'.
DE1: Yeah, that's it!

When my dentist came back in I said to him "Tell them to quit yelling passwords down the hall to each other."

Dentist: Oh, were they?
me (gritting teeth): Yes.

Dentist goes away to get something else, and while he's gone I hear him say something to the employees.

DE1 & 2: Oh, did she hear us? *giggle*

me: *sigh*

I suppose it's useless even considering trying to get them to use complex passwords.


Nov. 1st, 2007 12:01 pm
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I have no idea why it's difficult for people to understand how DNS works.

As near as I can tell, the standard FAQ that these people read is something like this:

Step 1) Register name
Step 2) ????
Step 3) PROFIT!

And when they don't get to step three because names only resolve if you tell the internet where to resolve them they get frustrated because this is complex.
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Is there anything more annoying than stupidity from one's cow-orkers?

Today, one of the plebs at work complains that the printer/photocopier is saying it has a paper jam, but there's no paper jammed in the feed.

After a while, I take pity on him and wander over to look.

He points to the screen, which shows a clear picture of how to open the paper feed acess on the side of the printer.

He opens the document feeder access, which has no stuck paper

He indicates his bafflement, blaming the stupid printer for getting mixed up.

I close the document feeder, open the print feeder path access door, as shown in the nice clear picture (which admitedly, does not include a document feeer option) and point to the paper stuck in the feed path.

I make a sarcastic comment about actually looking at pictures and walk back to my desk.
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Here's how today's gem of the day went

Liar liar pants on fire )
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me: old call center phoney jockey
her: young user.

me: (does standard greeting)
her: (explains problem, which only requires a reboot to get her back up and running, and we confirm the connection with the "company policy" ie: sales, sites)

her: Thank you so much.
me: You're quite welcome.
her: Where are you located?
me: CT (we're required to say that. Company source of pride)
her: Ever come down to NJ at all
me: Sure (when I feel the need to gag)
her: Call me when you get here, and we'll go out.
me: Ummm... sorry, but you're a bit too young for me.
her: You can't be older than 22. You sound young...
me: add 20 years, and a wife for 18 of them.
me: (standard closing)

So, I got hit on by a caller. Wonder if it got monitored. Bet they're laughing at it.
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You know I work for a cable internet company.

Cut for some f***in language )
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I just want to make sure I comment back to all the wonderful, positive comments left on my post. I did read the userinfo which stated that if I did choose to make a post here that I am the only one that could be held responsible for any problems. I know that you all work in call centers and talk to people all day long...I know it starts to make you feel smarter than the people you talk to...like some sort of elitest computer nerd posse. My advice for you (since I KNOW you are dying to hear it) is to step away from the computers...go live life. And while you are at it....fuck off.

Happy Holidays everyone...your tech support jobs have really made you nice and interesting people!

EDIT: You all are cute! Thanks for playing along. I have to disable the comments because they are overflowing my e-mail. But I'll keep the post up so you kids can keep playing.
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You all know personally some dweeb who's gone and tried to "Organise or Clean Up" their c:/windows directory and end up hosing the system.

Today I had my first Mac user who's done this... He tried to consolidate his two library folders (thank god he didn't look in the other user directories). Surprisingly he was still able to log in, but many things were broken (including privaliges and various programs were missing).

Thankfully I was able to send him off to apple to rebuild his system.
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We are rolling out a new feature and, since it's alpha code, we don't really want to offer support for it as of yet. No docs, no help for it available yet, etc. We even have a nice plain "leave us alone" about it in our notices area:

Being in alpha means there is no support for this yet. If you cannot get it working we cannot help right now. There is also no documentation and the service is subject to outages. Sounds brutal, huh? It's really not that bad, it's actually pretty easy to use.

Would you like to take a guess as to how many customers have asked me, both officially as well as unofficially, how to make it work/set it up/etc. ?

38. Less than twenty four hours into our testing and 38 people can't read. This doesn't bode well at all...

*considers a trip to Jamaica*

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These are my call notes.

Customer can't power up unit.
Customer is trying to power the unit by the phone jack O_o! - Not possible with this unit.
Convinced customer that this unit is not powered by the phone jack (5 minutes to do this, involving pictures and diagrams)
Coached customer on how to connect power cord.

I r on teh stupid queue today!


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