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On PostSecret this past Sunday, there was a secret which read, "I use cuss words for passwords so I can embarrass tech support when I call for help."

There are a few things wrong with this picture.
  1. WHY would they be embarrassed by your password?
  2. Using cuss words makes you look stupid.
  3. What tech support are you calling that asks for your password?
IMO, if you're calling a tech support line that asks for your password, then they should be embarrassed.  But not because of your choice of passwords...
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I was at my dentist's office yesterday, relaxing in the massage chair waiting for the dentist, when I heard the following conversation from down the hall.

Dental employee 1: Hey, what's the password for the patient program?
DE2: I think it's 'jennifer'.
DE1: Yeah, that's it!

When my dentist came back in I said to him "Tell them to quit yelling passwords down the hall to each other."

Dentist: Oh, were they?
me (gritting teeth): Yes.

Dentist goes away to get something else, and while he's gone I hear him say something to the employees.

DE1 & 2: Oh, did she hear us? *giggle*

me: *sigh*

I suppose it's useless even considering trying to get them to use complex passwords.
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I found this over at The Book of Biff, I don't believe his IT team has much to complain about.

Biffs computer security


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