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Back from a week in the sun and straight back into the stupidity.  Oh man, it burns.

Fool #1.

Me, via email:  "I will come up later to do the work whilst you're in your meeting; can you make sure you log off of the machine so that I can log in with admin rights to make the changes."
User, visiting me later on way to meeting: "Hi, I've left my computer locked for you."
Me: Um, ok... have you logged off?"
User: "Logged off?  No, I'm logged in... is that a problem?"
Me:  "I asked you to log off, as I need to do the work logged in myself."
User: "Oh, I didn't realise you meant I should log off."


Fool #2:
(Problem:  Machine keeps spontaneously rebooting; suspected problem with the DIMM slots)

Me, verbally AND on phone: "I am going to ring Dell to arrange for an engineer to come out and replace your motherboard tomorrow, or later in the week.  In the meantime, I suggest you use a different machine, as yours is clearly not working properly."
User:  "Ok, thank you."

Twenty minutes later...

User on phone: "Hello, it's me.  It's just done it again!!eleventy!"
Me:  "Yes... it will keep doing it, because it's broken, and we haven't had it fixed yet..."
User: "Oh, it'll keep doing it?"


I need another holiday...
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Dear Luser Who Sounds Like He's On The Verge Of Either Weeping Or Exploding With Rage,

I'm sorry, but you did NOT ring half an hour ago and log a call.  I know this because the person you originally claimed you spoke to does not exist.  The person you then claimed you had actually spoken to tells me he did not take a call from you.  What actually happened is that you rang everyone on the Helldesk on their DIRECT LINES and left them imploring voicemails, before calling the actual Helldesk number half an hour later and coming to me.  I'm sorry that you've been waiting half an hour 'for someone to come and fix this urgent problem' but if we don't know about it, we can't fix it.  Furthermore, don't tell me that a call has 'definitely been logged' when it hasn't.  When I ask for a reference number and don't get one, I know you're fibbing.

Furthermore, do NOT lie to me about the problem when you know full well what is actually going on.  If you forgot to tell us in advance that someone was coming to work in the office and would need a network connection for her laptop, and realise only ten minutes before they're due to do some Urgent Work, do NOT call us claiming that "it's just a password that needs resetting".  This will not achieve ANYTHING apart from me having to erase and rewrite the entire call log when I realise what's actually going on here, i.e. your own incompetence.  A password reset is NOTHING to do with needing to plug a computer into the network.  Nothing at all.  I know you know this because about five minutes into the conversation you suddenly said that you knew what actually needed to be done was that a network connection should be provided.

Finally, please don't be so rude to me.  Again, it's not my fault that you didn't actually log a call.  Sighing and emphasising how important this is, and how you've apparently been sat by the phone for half an hour waiting for us to fix something that we didn't know about, isn't going to make me help you when it's accompanied by tutting and the implied opinion that we're a bunch of lazy twits.

I hate you,

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me: old call center phoney jockey
her: young user.

me: (does standard greeting)
her: (explains problem, which only requires a reboot to get her back up and running, and we confirm the connection with the "company policy" ie: sales, sites)

her: Thank you so much.
me: You're quite welcome.
her: Where are you located?
me: CT (we're required to say that. Company source of pride)
her: Ever come down to NJ at all
me: Sure (when I feel the need to gag)
her: Call me when you get here, and we'll go out.
me: Ummm... sorry, but you're a bit too young for me.
her: You can't be older than 22. You sound young...
me: add 20 years, and a wife for 18 of them.
me: (standard closing)

So, I got hit on by a caller. Wonder if it got monitored. Bet they're laughing at it.
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What's with people expecting us to fix their equipment for free forever? You get a warranty and if you want it to be longer you buy a longer one if it's available. You don't expect that sort of service on your tv, why would you expect it on your computer equipment?

OT I'm looking for an apple //c. I don't care if it works or not, I just want the case for a case mod project I have. Willing to pay shipping.


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