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I'm a network consultant. Part of my job is to deal with the third-party vendors so that the client doesn't have to, and so that they can't screw my client by railroading them into "solutions" that the client doesn't need, or that won't fix the problem, but that will cost my client money that they don't need to spend.

These are my tales. Well, one of them.
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Normally quizzes wouldn't be posted here but this one kind of relates to most of the people in our member list and this quiz amused me. I've been on a forced vacation this week (I had too much vacation time accrued so I booked off this week cause friday is going to be the craziest) and I've stayed away from computers and their users for the most part. I'm sure next week when I get back to the phones there's going to be plenty of people upset that the 30$ gadget they bought on black friday doesn't work the way our $300 gadget works and they want to speak to "the highest authority" on the matter hence it gets escalated to me.

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We've been having lots of meetings lately to talk about which machines we can move when, and which machines are critical and which can be moved whenever. We made a list a week ago and confirmed with everyone that it was OK to move $svr1 & $svr2 because they're monitoring machines and don't do any production work.

$blonde_admin: Ok, so I want to move $svr1 & $svr2 tomorrow during the day, since they're non-critical.
@Linux_admins: fine, no problem, sure.
$linux_admin[2]: oh, except that $svr2 is the DHCP server's backup, so you can't move it during business hours.
$blonde_admin: Right, now I want to punch him.
$linux_admin[2]: What? Why?
$boss, $linux_admin[3]: sigh.

More pr0n

Apr. 28th, 2007 08:32 am
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Sorry about missing porn day, I was out of town.

Anyway, we had a lab manager who was pretty much a looney..   One day she announced she was marrying one of the students (that everyone was pretty much convinced was gay.)  We gave her a quickie shower, she had said quickie marriage, and a divorce was filed within 24 hours of the wedding.   (Reason:  he was gay!)  Then one of the students she had working in the lab was this really skeevy guy she gave the key to the lab to so he could open and close.  Only he was coming in at 1am getting on IRC having hot and heavy chat sessions.  So I was directed to set up logging, and pass the transcripts on to the dean.  They were pretty repulsive-apparently he considered himself to be Mr. Hot and Sexy, neither of which he was by any stretch of the imagination.

The order came down to fire him, of course.   Then said guy had some serious balls (or delusions) and from what I understand threatened a lawsuit for wrongful termination (because manager had given him permission to do this.)  I'm not sure whatever happened to the case, but I do know the lab manager suddenly found another job on campus.   We then found out she spent 3/4 of the lab's budget within 4 months of the start of the fiscal year.    Almost 8 years later we're still finding things she screwed up.

I had a grad assistant from India.  I don't think this guy bathed, because he consistently smelled like a shat onion.  Fortunately though, I busted the guy in the lab looking at pr0n, so I was given a blessed reason to fire him, and then he wanted to argue with me about why he shouldn't be fired for that.  Thankfully, most of his rant was unintelligible, so I was able to stand my ground, and reclaim my clean smelling work area.

Working on campus, yeah, that's a whole other ballpark of batshit there.


Dec. 18th, 2006 04:46 pm
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Dear Ungrateful Bitch:

You've worked here for almost two years now. Recently the powers that be have decided that you need a computer so you can check your email. Since that's all you need it for of course, this means you get something near the bottom of the barrel, because we save the good stuff for people far higher on the totem pole.

How about you just be happy you even GOT a computer, instead of complaining loudly (before I even have the thing set up mind you) that you really hate the CRT monitor, how you wanted a flat panel, and how you just can't possibly use the monitor I gave you because it takes up all your desk space and you can't get your work done. Why yes, you're more than welcome to bring in your husband's spare montor, and no, I am not driving all the way across town to install it for you. Your equipment = your problem. My sup will back me up on this.

In the meantime, just be happy you can check your email. No wait, no you can't - you called me on my way back to the office whining that you couldn't figure out how to enter the 8 character strong password I set up. Sorry, but karma has just bitten you in the ass. You'll have to wait until tommorrow, and I have two other stops I need to make.

Merry Fuckin Christmas to you too heifer,


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