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So, I work helping folks with email ,webhotells and domains.

Client comes in with a simple "can I get a password for account x?".

Sure thing says I, I randomgenerate one, drop it into email and off to the client it goes.

Client tries, tells me "Nope, fails"

I try it, works perfectly.
So I search through logs and see  "Oh silly client, you put a lowercase u instead of an uppercase U in there!"

So I take the password and paste it into a new email in outlook , I press enter and THEN I notice that helpfull outlook

t68BUeRw    to

with autocomplete.


No wonder my client is confused. 

So a big thank you Microsoft, thank you for wasting my time with a FUCKED up shit for brains autocomplete! 

Time to turn all spellcheck and shit off I suppose.

Can I start drinking now?
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So, as noted in my previous post, I do 24-hour network operations support for probably the largest imagery-supplying company in the world. I sit in a NOC from 9pm to 7am four days a week staring at monitoring software ready to roust people out of bed if anything breaks.

Last week, having just started this job a couple of months ago, I had my first solo night. (Well, solo half-night; somebody else came in partway through. But I was on my own for about four and a half hours.) It was the perfect time for the situation I had to describe in a love note for the Back Office team:

Strongly worded message follows. )

So yeah. You want to talk about pucker factor and convulsive shits? I didn't have to call anybody in to help on my first solo shift, but largely only because there was nothing anybody else could have done either. It was a frantic, stressful half hour or so -- increasing numbers of alerts on the big monitors at the front of the room, and zero capability to even check the details from my workstation.

Anyone else have delightful stories to tell about being shot in the face by their own IT department?

save us

Jun. 6th, 2007 05:33 pm
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How the fuck does some one make it through university and not understand the concept of wireless means that there are no wires involved. everytime i tried to guide this lady through putting her device on the wireless net work she kept going on about how the device had no cables connecting it to the router. jesus skull fuck lady, that's the whole idea of wireless technology.... it's not magic, it's fucking radio waves.


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